CrazyFruityHigh, by Eric Schwartz, shows all my latest drawings that I want to turn into fully immersive virtual environments. I create my drawings so that I don't hold everything inside my head. I did that for years and it only lead to a sick and twisted brain. On the outside, i'm pretty boring. I don't share my artwork with people I know for fear of them visualizing what I'm like behind the kooky smile. I hide half of everything even from those closest to me. The drawings are the only honest thing about me although if asked, I would deny that half of it is true .

All the work is autobiographical. I don't exaggerate or incorporate worlds I haven't visited. All the pieces are multiple self portraits, stories from my present, past and the future I either want or fear.

If you say "Praise Jesus every time your child/pet has a bowel movement, this site is probably not for you.

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